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Beer Serv is your provider of quality service for all draught beer installations and maintenance services.


From large restaurants, clubs and pubs to at home backyard bars – no job is too big or too small.

With over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry we pride ourselves in the best quality customer service and draught beer system installs to ensure every customer is 100% happy with our service and products.


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Service and maintenance

How often do you pour expensive beer down the drain thinking that it is quite normal to do so?

You should be able to pour perfect beer, every time, with minimal wastage.


We conduct regular programmed maintenance to our customers to ensure your draught beer system is running correctly.  A regular system service is paramount to ensuring good quality beer and optimal equipment performance.


We dismantle all parts, replace and lubricate all O rings including any spares you may have.


Glycol System & CO2 System Check

A Glycol System check and CO2 system check and leak test are included and we repair any small problems that we may come across at no extra cost.  Regular maintenance and system checks will reduce the amount of wastage you may have and also detects any fault or repairs needed on your equipment before a larger problem arises.


CO2 Monitors

We install and service CO2 monitors.  They are an important piece of safety equipment in your venue.  It is essential that your monitor is working correctly at all times to prevent dangers including serious injury or death to your valuable staff.  Beer Serv can check operation and calibrate your monitor every six months as required by AS3054.